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Often people think of the Chaplain as someone who comes to pray, read scripture or lead a closure ceremony or memorial service. These, of course, are quite important and very much a part of what a chaplain’s work is about. In addition, however, chaplains work with patients and their families as they struggle with the tough questions around grief, conflicts, forgiveness, and letting go.

Each person’s life story is unique and amazing. Many people have parts of their life story that they never shared. We at CALIFORNIA CARE HOSPICE INC. value the opportunity to share these.

A chaplain’s visit can be a time to sort through emotional and spiritual struggles. These are times of open sharing to work with all sorts of issues, without judgment, and with the assurance of confidentiality. These may include exploring such questions as:

What is the meaning of life? What am I leaving behind? Are there wounds I have not allowed to heal? Are there resentments that are still controlling me or those around me? Is there guilt I cannot release? Fears that seem too much? Regrets about things in my life that I wanted to say or do? Do I fear death or have concerns about it? Are there unspoken feelings about the religious or spiritual areas in my life – including anger – which I wish to express?

The hospice chaplain contacts each person by telephone shortly after admission to hospice care. At that time a visit with the chaplain may be scheduled, declined, or postponed. The hospice chaplain may be reached at any time by calling the hospice office.

May God’s spirit of peace, love, and wholeness be with you at these difficult times.